Spectrola has a strong background in systems engineering as well as product development.  We feel it is very important to both understand the application of our products and the needs of our target market.  Not only can we develop products for systems, but we can help our customers define and design the systems into which our products fit. This is a key differentiator from other product manufacturers, who may be missing key features because they don't truly understand their customer's needs.

If you have a spectrum analysis or signal monitoring need, not only can Spectrola sell you a product, but we can provide the needed
on-site expertise to properly specify and integrate the product into your application.

Previously, Spectrola has been intimately involved in the specification and execution of several very large military programs, including the Marine Corps Support Wide Area Network (SWAN) and the US Army Warfighter Information Network (WIN-T).  We have worked with both large and small defense contractors and directly with the military in the process. 

Through contracts with Datapath, Inc. and General Dynamics, Spectrola supported the  Army Joint Network Node (JNN) and WIN-T programs and the USMC SWAN program, and the upgrade of several terminal types to Ka band in compliance with MIL-STD-188-164A.

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