Spectrola, Inc. is located in the Atlanta Georgia area.  Our core business is the design and manufacture of industrial and military grade signal analysis equipment.

Howard Jetmundsen is the president of Spectrola.  He has been designing analog and RF systems and components for over 25 years.  He has a wide range of experience, both at the bench level developing circuits and at the system level integrating large systems.  He has worked extensively both in the military and commercial worlds.  Howard's talent lies in the ability to understand how large systems work and how to integrate innovative technology in to those systems.   For the past seventeen years he has been exclusively in the satellite industry - four years at Scientific Research developing satellite systems for the Navy, seven years at DISH Network developing systems for satellite television, and most recently, consulting with Datapath, General Dynamics, and Wavestream developing systems for the US military.  He holds a Bachelor's  degree in Physics from the University of the South, a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt, and a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Dan Fabrega is the chief technologist for Spectrola.  He is widely recognized in Atlanta as an expert in the areas of analog and RF circuit development.  He is recognized widely in the Atlanta area as an expert in the areas of RF and Analog circuit development.  He has almost thirty years of experience in hardware analysis, design and development, implementation, and testing of RF and analog circuitry and systems, specializing in RF transceivers, simulators, wideband synthesizers based on multi-loop PLLs, direct analog/digital techniques, and modems. He worked for two years in the analysis and design of 'Hardware in the Loop' missile target engagement simulation systems.  Dan holds both Bachelors and Master of Science Degrees in Electrical Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology. In addition, he has completed extensive graduate studies in mathematics at Georgia State University. Dan is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of Georgia.

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