Spectrola specializes in the specification, design, test, and certification of satellite communications systems and networks.

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About us

Our technical expertise is satellite communications – networks, modems, converters, amplifiers, and antennas.  We understand what makes them play, and as importantly, we understand what makes them fail.  As the sky gets more and more crowded with large, high power geosynchronous satellites and low-earth-orbit constellations with tens of thousands of satellites, what used to be simple straightforward analysis no longer is.

A passion of ours is problem analysis – when things don’t go as planned, what’s really going on? At first glance, what may seem to be the root of the problem is actually a symptom of a much deeper issue.  It is both an art and a science to look at a situation and understand the real underlying causes. 

Problems in the real world tend to be multi-dimensional.   What may appear to be a technical problem (The system won’t pass certification!) is in reality a more complex challenge.  On the company side, there is the technical team and there is management (upper management, program management, etc).  On the government side, there is the customer and the certification authority.   Each of these has their own interests and responsibilities, but what is often forgotten is that at the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing – for the program to be successful.  No one wins with failure.  More often than not, navigating a program to success is more than solving a technical problem – it is getting all of the players to an agreement of what success means and then driving to that destination.

We have chosen the Mandelbrot Fractal as a symbol for our company.  At first glance, the pattern is elaborate, complicated, intractable.   However, as you look more closely, you see the same pattern over and over and over again.  After 30 plus years in this business, we have a toolbox of seen-this-before’s to help us attack the toughest problems.

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Spectrola is located in Norcross, Georgia.

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